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Zikhona Sodlaka has officially left The Wife, and here’s what she had to say about it.

South African viewers were quite disappointed to learn that “Mandisa” will not be appearing in the upcoming season. Zikhona Sodlaka who plays Mandisa in The Wife speaks about her exit from the series following the death of her character.

She portrayed the character of Mandisa on Showmax’s popular drama The Wife, which many women could relate to. Mandisa has had a difficult few weeks since losing her husband Nqoba, who was played by award-winning actor Abdul Khoza. Following a retaliation killing at the conclusion of the three episodes from last week, he was recently laid to rest. Mandisa was not an exception to the rule that the widow is consistently mistreated by the husband’s family in our society.

“I’m not even sure where to begin, but perhaps, let me start from the beginning, from the very inception and creation of the books by Dudu-Busani Dube,” Zikhona says.

“The Wife was already set up to win because the books are incredible, and everybody who fell in love with them from their creation knew that they would love the screen version.”

According to Zimoja, the actress spoke about how her role was made longer to please viewers. “Mandisa was never supposed to be someone who lasted past the first season. I had taken the role knowing that this is the character that dies in the first season. This is something that we knew from the get-go, as she also kills herself, even in the book. “But because viewers loved her so much, we had to keep her, and in deciding to keep her, the writers explored what we could do with her, and the results were just pure magic!” she says.

The actress further appreciated her supporters. “To the supporters, you guys have always believed in South African stories. The supporters are very clear about what it is that they love and what is true to them. And in this case, The Wife has affirmed even more so to me that South African stories are indeed superior to South Africans. It’s been a privilege.” “It’s been fun.”

Zikhona Sodlaka Applauded for Killing the Mandisa Role On The Wife. There is nothing as beautiful as receiving your flowers while still alive. This is exactly what Zikhona Sodlaka is currently experiencing. Everyone can’t stop talking about how great she is.

Mandisa stood her ground though and revealed that she and Nqoba were actually married. She put her foot down regarding the Zulu family’s attempts to exclude her from his burial. Another Zulu wife, Hlomu (Mbalenhle Mavimbela) questioned the Zulu family and how they treat the women who have married into the family. She also tried to put her foot down to ensure that Mandisa and her children had a place to stay.

Sadly, the Zulu brothers, with all their power, managed to overpower Mandisa. This saw the end of the character, as well as the end of the road for Zikhona on the series. Instead of people being saddened by her departure, they are celebrating the amazing talent that she has displayed on the show. The award winning actress’ portrayal of Mandisa has forever been emblazoned in the hearts and minds of viewers of the show.

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