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Where is vuyo Dabula

Where is vuyo Dabula

Since leaving Generations: The Legacy, actor Vuyo Dabula has appeared in a new film. The actor has disclosed that he will appear in the Netflix production Collision, which will be released in June.

Vuyo Dabula’s breakthrough role came in Generations: The Legacy, when he played Gadaffi. His admirers were scared that he would never participate in another major production again, but fear not, for the gorgeous actor is back with a bang!

He released the first trailer for the series on Instagram, and it garnered positive feedback.
The actor is no stranger to Netflix, having been in the first Netflix African Original series, Queen Sono. He co-starred with Pearl Thusi in the film.

The show was canceled after a second season was promised. Pearl Thusi was devastated since she was the series’ face. People mocked her for not being able to keep the series going for practically the full week.

Vuyo Dabula suffered greatly as well since he was alleged to have left Generations after being given an ultimatum. So, when the show was canceled, he allegedly went back to the producers and asked them to bring him back.

Several sources told the media that they thought him leaving Generations was a big mistake. One person told Daily Sun, “It makes no sense for him to choose to leave a show that gives him financial stability. He is leaving behind a stable salary. We knew about the ultimatum he was given, but his decision came as a shock because he’s one of the lead actors on the show.”

Then Vuyo confirmed his exit at the time, “I was going to reveal this, but I guess it is what is.”

But when asked again, he backtracked on his decision and said, “I am not leaving the show.”

Speaking to Drum Magazine he clarified a lot of things, “I am staying. There are a whole lot of stories around this. It is a bit bizarre, the idea that I am leaving Generations has been preceded by other new that have been circulating that I am leaving South Africa. The fantastical one, the grand one was that I was going to work with 50 cent on Black Mafia Family. It is certainly exciting to read.”

After several miscommunications, Vuyo Dabula finally left, “He has left the show for good this time, after a lot of back and forth. He has been with the show since 2014 and now he’s gone.

“This time, he’s definitely gone for good because he hasn’t been in studio for a while and his character has been scrapped off, which means that he won’t feature in Season 31 of the show.”

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