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WATCH: Toddler Runs for Her Life Fearing Angry Mom With Hot Iron

WATCH: Toddler Runs for Her Life Fearing Angry Mom With Hot Iron

A cheeky little girl couldn’t bear the heat and chose to flee her enraged mother. Her mother was threatening her with an iron, but she didn’t stay long enough to call her bluff. People could connect to coping with mischievous children and enjoyed the adorable mother-and-daughter conflict.

People are laughing online after watching a TikTok video shared by @m.molewa of a small child and her mother interacting. The youngster was mischievous, and her mother claimed she was only afraid of an iron. She started following her after jokingly threatening to burn her.

People online couldn’t believe how much trouble toddlers got themselves into as she ran away in her small boots. People questioned the mother what the child had done to justify her pulling out an iron to scare her. But it was all in good fun because she’d never burn.

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