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Sports: Hugo Broos about Timm

Hugo Broos describes Timm as the type of PSL player he seeks: consistent for both club and country, unlike some.

“This is a level higher than the PSL so you need other players. You need players who can perform well at their club and also at the national level,” he said.

“Today I saw players who can do that. I saw new players and if I can mention one, it’s Timm. Timm played a very good game.”

The coach was recently chastised for claiming that the Premier League’s standard was below par, but perhaps his point was that he wanted to see consistency from the players he had chosen.

“You saw what he is doing at Pirates, he’s doing the same thing here. So, that means that he can play at this level. Not only him but I am using him as an example,” Broos explained.

“That is what we have to work on, having players that not only perform in the PSL but also internationally.

“I think I have found a great selection process, as you [can] see that there are six other players who are not there because of injuries – [Percy] Tau wasn’t playing, so I think we can be positive for the future.

With a second international friendly against Angola set for 15:00 on Sunday, the coach continued, “On Sunday, I want to win again, and if you can do that, I think we can say we are ready

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