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See what Thapelo SA Idols’ winner was seen selling. Is he broke??

Thapelo was crowned SA Idols’ winner a few months ago.This is one of the competitions that brings hope to all those who want to be musicians but are unable to showcase their skills to the world as a whole.  

The platform has helped many people find themselves and get the opportunity to present themselves in order to be recognized. Previous winners of Idols have made it successfully in the music industry, and they continue to make all other people proud.

It is true that the platform has had a good influence on the lives of many individuals in the country. Thapelo was selected as the winner a few weeks ago, and so many people were incredibly impressed. He is a gifted individual who inspires many people and fills them with great energy. The fact that he is a police officer is fascinating. Who would have expected that a complete police force would enter the competition.

Many people were impressed by the Limpopo-born celebrity. Young and old both look up to him as a role model. More daring and courageous people like him are needed in the world.

The Idols champion was seen selling eggs and atchar in the streets, and it has created so many questions for many people all across the country. People were left wondering why he would sell eggs and atchar so soon after winning the competition, especially since he is also a police officer.

It has sparked many concerns, with some asking if he is already broke. Selling eggs, on the other hand, is not a crime. It might be his side hustle and does not necessarily imply that he is impoverished. People need to stop criticizing others and let them be. 

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