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Scandal clears the air on Nomvelo Makhanya’s toxic work environment allegations

Scandal clears the air on Nomvelo Makhanya’s toxic work environment allegations

Amazing things never fail to astonish. Scandal responds to Nomvelo Makhanya’s charges of a poisonous work atmosphere. Following effervescent actress Nomvelo Makhanya’s stunning charges against the program, the award-winning drama series has replied. It was rumored a few months ago that the cheerful actress was kissing her on-screen character Lindiwe Ngema farewell.

Mzansi, on the other hand, was perplexed by her departure, given that she had recently been the show’s face. After leaving the drama series after more than a decade, the actress turned to social media to expose and humiliate the terrible work climate on Scandal. Taking to social media, she claims she would have committed suicide.

Nomvelo Makhanya ‘Lindiwe’ From Scandal (Source Instagram)

According to Nomvelo, she has been getting the heat for quitting the program. She did, however, clarify that she was fired rather than fired off the program. According to rumors, she was forced to leave the show because her partner was unhappy with her love scenes and the figure she had evolved into. Unfortunately, she is singing from a different hymnal.

What’s more perplexing is that the actress previously stated that she was quitting the show for brighter pastures. However, in the midst of the chaos, she retracted her story and revealed shocking discoveries regarding her departure. drama series Scandal responds to Nomvelo Makhanya’s allegations, Mzansi left puzzled

According to the drama series, they were oblivious of the poisonous atmosphere, which comes as a surprise to them given that they have been together for years. After all, it appears that it was only poisonous because her character was discarded. The statement is as follows:

“’s Scandal production was unaware that the workplace had become a toxic environment for the actor or any actor for that matter. As a production, we’ve always communicated an open-door policy for all our cast and crew for any matter or situation whether it is professional or personal. To our knowledge, as a production, we’ve had a great run of 10 years with the actor Nomvelo Makhanya, and we appreciate the work she put in on her character as Lindiwe Maseko- Ngema.

“The exit of the Lindiwe Maseko – Ngema character was purely dictated by the story, the character had run its course on the show, and therefore as the producers and writing team of the show, we ended the character journey to allow us opportunities to explore other avenues as storytellers. Ending characters is always bittersweet for us as a production, especially with an actor like Nomvelo Makhanya because she grows up in the show but it also gives us the opportunity for new stories for the future and new opportunities for remaining cast members.” read the statement.

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