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Mulisa Mudau ‘Elelwani’ from Muvhango’s business empire and net worth revealed

Mulisa Mudau ‘Elelwani’ from Muvhango’s business empire and net worth revealed

Television personality from South Africa Mulisa Mudau is one of the industry’s most dedicated actresses. Mulisa is one of the fortunate Venda-speaking actors and presenters who have spoken out about a dearth of prospects in the entertainment sector. Mulisa Mudau has built an outstanding economic empire for herself, and her net worth reflects her efforts.

Her role as Elelwani in Muvhango

Mulisa Mudau played Elelwani in Muvhango and got a lot of screen time due to her animosity with Shaz. Elelwani has recently threatened to take Shaz to the CCMA if she fires her despite refusing to obey simple directions. She hasn’t liked the thought of Shaz taking over the restaurant since Mukondeleli died, and her behavior and words reflect this.

Mulisa Mudau’s business empire stuns Mzansi

Mudau is most known for her work as a presenter and host of several celebrity shows on television. At the start of the year, she was hired as the host of the SABC 1 show Squad goals, in which individuals in groups help one another get healthy. She was a former Real Goboza crew member and one of the show’s hosts. She also worked with the Mzansi Insider team and attended a Metro FM get-together.

Mulisa Mudau-Image Source(Instagram/MulisaMudau)

Mulisa Mudau is also an actress, most known for her role as Elelwani on Muvhango. She may be a poor waitress at a restaurant in Thathe, but she is far from impoverished in real life due to her multiple business operations.

Mulisa Mudau revealed in May of this year that she was working on another business venture to create additional income. The actress announced on Instagram that she is establishing a new physical store for her clothing line, Glammed Lookz. The firm, created in 2021, has been functioning on the internet and has just recently expanded to accept walk-in customers.

Mulisa Mudau-Image Source(Instagram/MulisaMudau)

Mudau’s net worth revealed

Mulisa Mudau’s diverse business empire enabled her to purchase a house earlier this year, which she proudly displayed on Instagram. The actress has a net worth of R2 million, the majority of which comes from her television profession and enterprises.

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