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“MaNgcobo” is coming back to Uzalo.

Dawn Thandeka King is planning a return to Uzalo and explains why she left the DeipCity cast.

Actress Dawn Thandeka King is returning to Uzalo, where she played the role of MaNgcobo, the gangster wife of Nkunzi. Having exited Uzalo in March 2021 after an alleged salary fallout with show producers, the two parties seem to have buried the hatchet.

The actress, Dawn Thandeka King, denied allegations surrounding her Uzalo exit and revealed that she asked to be written off the storyline to explore other acting opportunities, consequently landing a role on DeipCity.

On DeipCity, Dawn Thandeka King plays the role of Thandiwe, a strict mother. She rules her family with an iron fist; she is the wife of Bonga (Hamilton Dlamini) and mother to Nox (Nozuko Ncayiyane). 

Her sudden disappearance from the DeipCity cast triggered speculation about her future and the possibility of an Uzalo return. Dawn revealed that she was injured at the onset and is still recovering from the injury; she lamented that she will return on a DeipCity cast when needed. 

Questioned about her possible return to Uzalo, Dawn Thandeka King claims that she has yet to receive official communication from Stained Glass Productions, the film’s producers.

Sources close to the Uzalo producers revealed that Dawn Thandeka King is among a group of plays to be incorporated in the SABC 1 telenovela following a public outcry. 

“Following a public outcry about the soapie storyline and actors, Uzalo producers toy with the idea of bringing back similar and popular faces in the storyline.” The brief return of Mastermind on Uzalo screens is part of the project to revamp the storyline, and they are now in talks with Dawn Thandeka King’s camp.

“The character of Mkhonto is also making his way to the soapie,” said the source.

MaNgcobo on Uzalo

Dawn Thandeka King’s MaNgcobo role is that of mother to Nosipho and Nkunzi’s wife, an adrenaline junkie who dices with death for fun. A gangster in her capacity, Mangcobo is a heist specialist who frequently puts Nkunzi’s life in danger by carrying out unsanctioned missions. 
Her return to KwaMashu will stir controversy in the Uzalo storyline and possible revenge for those who harmed her daughter.


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