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Mandla Gaduka, a former Generations actor known as “Choppa” is back on TV.

Mandla Gaduka is a South African actor; many people know him as Chopper on Generations.
The last time people saw him on their small screens was when he appeared on Isithembiso in 2020.

Mandla, one of the 16 Generations actors who was fired after demanding a pay raise in 2018, is now on Mzansi Magic’s new sitcom, Lenyalo Ha Se Papadi.
“I’m playing the character of Charlie.” “It’s a very exciting role,” said Mandla.

He said that what kept him going was his commitment and discipline, as he was able to make a living doing other jobs in the entertainment industry while he wasn’t on TV.
He said actors needed to learn other skills such as filmmaking, directing, and producing as COVID-19 was proof that careers could suddenly be cut short.
“I believe in learning more about the industry because this can help you get wherever you want to go.”
“I want to be a performer,” he said.

Mandla said he never imagined he would become famous when he started as a stage performer. 
“After getting the role of Choppa on Generations, my life changed for good,” he said. 

“That character really pushed me to work hard. “I am a very reserved person, and to make so many people smile was shocking to me.” 
His message to young people who look up to him is that they shouldn’t take anything for granted. 
“We need to take everything seriously these days.
” You must be bold and unapologetic about what you love and want,


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