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Lady Du Finds herself in big trouble

The sense of amapiano Lady Du has tweeps on edge with her recent post threatening violence against women. Lady Du finds herself in deep water after attempting to advocate for ‘broke and maybe jobless’ males. Tweeps are labeling her a ‘choose me’ person.

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Lady Du, inadvertently, finds herself responding to furious comments about her tweet advocating for guys. In the tweet, Lady Du threatens violence and singles out females who label guys broke as a social issue.

Lady Du goes on to say that the next time she hears a woman label a guy broke, she would resort to violence against the aforementioned girl or woman. Her gesture and use of her voice to fight for males did not sit well with many people, particularly women who believe Lady Du is trying too hard to be important. “Ngizok faka impama!!! Ngize ngizwe a female call a guy broke again!!! Because of way the world is set up now, date your affluent guys in peace, let them buy you everything you want, but don’t insult other men because of it STOP THAT SHIT! “Lady Du wrote

Lady Du’s statement has outraged Twitter users since it not only threatens violence but also fosters violence against women. Lady Du’s tweeps were clearly unimpressed, as they instantly informed her of the time in her comment sections.

“Mind your the business that pays you mam” wrote Kedumetse Modise

Mind your the business that pays you mam— Kedumetse_Modise (@Kedumetse_R) December 9, 2022

“Sekusele kancani usidine wena” wrote Sbuddah Mlangeni

“Uyaphapha njalo wena” wrote Lucia

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