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Imbewu Splits Viewers After Resurrecting Ngcolosi From The “Dead”

Ngcolosi’s unexpected entrance on Imbewu surprised spectators. Two years ago, the character was slain in a shooting. The Bhengu family buried him and went on living.

But, after two years, Imbewu decided to bring Ngcolosi back.

Characters in soap operas are routinely killed off and then resurrected, both locally and worldwide. In reality, Imbewu returned Fikile before returning Ngcolosi.

This type of drama is exciting and leaves the audience wanting more. Because of the ongoing narrative, Imbewu is presently popular in Mzansi. Regardless of their emotions, fans cannot take their gaze away from their screens.

Imbewu gave a sneak peek at how Ngcolosi’s family will react when they learn of his return. The family will be in full shock and bewilderment at first.

Second, his wife will escape and hide under a couch because she believes he is a ghost. When his mother asks how he is still alive after the burial, he delivers a stunning explanation. Some may be mildly pleased, while others will feel deceived.

Imbewu, a new soap opera starring Ngcolosi, will incorporate a reincarnation story. The story will be riveting, almost unbelievable, but incredibly interesting. What happens next is what will keep people watching the show. What happens to his two biological children, and will he take over his company?

Imbewu fans have long been dissatisfied with the show’s dull narrative. Fans have expressed excitement over Imbewu’s return to Ngcolosi. He was one of the most talented performers who introduced drama to the stage.

Others believe Imbewu deceived them by first releasing the actor. The social media pages of the eTV soap opera are flooded with jokes about Ngcolosi the ghost. Some have suggested that Pranav return to the soap opera.

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