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Get to to know Dintle from Scandal

Mapaseka Koetle is a South African entrepreneur, blogger, and actress famous for her role as Dintle on Scandal. She is 33 years old, born on March 23, 1989. She might be an annoying character, but her determination is off the charts.

Koetle-Nyokong was born and raised in Bloemfontein, Free State. She began her tertiary education at AFDA and completed her studies at City University.

After graduating, Koetle-Nyokong landed a lead role for the film production company Second Chances, which was produced by Andile Ncube. In 2012, she starred in Show Off, which was part of the Arts Alive Festival. She currently plays Dintle in the series Scandal!

Her passion for the arts manifests at only thirteen years of age. Mapaseka’s dexterities, being unmatched, attract the right eyes, and she starts receiving roles in small productions. This led to her landing a role in Show Off, and the rest is history. 

Who is Mapaseka Koetle’s husband? 
She is married to Nelson Nyokong. Together, they have one child, Nema.

She and her husband own and operate Gorge Grab n’ Go Café, a franchise restaurant located outside Johannesburg’s Sandton Gautrain station.

“I’m trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and Gorge sells healthy food.” When my husband and I went there, we thought, “If only we had something like that.” We both love cooking and the food industry. It was just a dream then because we didn’t know that the owner was selling it.

“We had a meeting with the guy and decided to buy it and open one in Sandton,” she says.

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