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Congratulations to Cici, a.k.a. “Busisiwe Thwala,”  she brought a new car.

Cici shows off her new luxurious car on social media.

The singer expresses excitement as she stands beside her new white Porsche. Cici’s hustle is paying off in the loudest manner.

“If not God, then who?” “Work in Silence,” she captioned the post.

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Cici “Busisiwe Thwala” (born February 15, 1987, in Ladysmith) is a South African singer, actress, and dancer. The beauty possesses amazing looks and talents. She is known for her hit songs and has made waves in the entertainment industry. Cici is the artist behind the hits IqnisoRunaway, and Bad Gal.

She has gained a presence in the South African entertainment industry, and music listeners in neighboring countries enjoy what she does. No doubt, she is one of the few ladies in the industry who have made an impact.

Music listeners, fans, and followers are proof that people enjoy what she does; everyone appreciates talent. This has been a source of strength for her as she faces new challenges. 

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