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Clientele Legal ambassador Desmond Dube faces jail over R1.4 million unpaid taxes

Clientele Legal ambassador Desmond Dube faces jail over R1.4 million unpaid taxes

Clientele Legal ambassador Desmond Dube is topping the trends on Twitter after the news that he is set to face jail over R1.4 million unpaid taxes went viral.

The South African Revenue Service allegedly sent a letter of demand to Desmond Dube (SARS). According to a South African magazine, Desmond Dube received a letter of order last week. According to the notice, the comedian owes R1.4 million in back taxes.

According to reports, Desmond Dube has been given 10 working days to pay the R1 432 675.61 debt. SARS has warned Dube that if he does not pay his tax arrears, they would apply to the High Court for an order to attach and auction his assets. The letter, which was delivered to Dube by SARS, was released by a close source.

The letter begins:

According to the records of Sars, you have failed to pay your tax debt for one or more tax years and periods… you are requested to make full payment within ten days from this letter of demand date.”

You may, within ten business days from the date of this letter of demand, apply for any of the following remedies: payment instalments where you are unable to pay the total amount, suspension of the debt where you intend to submit or have submitted a formal dispute, compromise of a portion of the tax where this will provide a higher return to the fiscus than liquidation, sequestration, or other collection measures.

The letter went on to say:

Failure to make full payment or use the above remedies may result in the following actions and possibly others: Sars may appoint any third party who presently or in the future will owe you money or hold money for you to settle your tax debt with this money. A civil judgment is entered against you, in which case a warrant of execution may be issued for the Sheriff of the court to attach and sell your assets.

City Press also reported that Dube plans to sell his valuable assets to settle his unpaid taxes.

Mzansi reacts to Desmond Dube’s controversy with SARS

As Dube is making headlines due to his controversy with SARS, Mzansi responded and advised him to call Clientele for help since he is the brand ambassador for the insurance company.

A twitteratti commented:

No worries. Clientele Legal will handle this with ease. He must take sars to court. Clientele legal got his back

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