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Bonga Sithole finally reveals why He left rehab

Bonga Sithole finally reveals why He left rehab

Bonga Sithole has been back on the streets for almost a week and has been observed by multiple vehicles.

The homeless man captivated South Africans’ hearts with his speech and sense of comedy, which was caught in a viral video.

Sisanda Qwabe-Coutaud, a good Samaritan, promised to assist Sithole get off the streets and into treatment after being impressed by his language abilities and considerable intellect, but Sithole did not stay long.

Sithole explained why he fled the treatment in a video.

Sithole explained that he had quit the two jobs that were waiting for him because of spiritual reasons. He also stated that he left the institution owing to ‘administrative’ concerns.

“There are some things that suppress me. I am a profound believer in God’s grace. I am an avid prayer. I conduct chains of prayer but those people were suppressing it. I have the legislative or constitutional right to exercise my religion,’’ he said.

Sithole said that he was not only not permitted to have prayer sessions, but that he also had other problems. The social media “celebrity” stated, but declined to elaborate for fear of incriminating himself.

He stated that he was aware of the bad views and attitudes held by some members of the public.

“I know what I am destined for. I believe that my God has pre-orchestrated my life and pre-destined it for a specific purpose… When God says yes, no one can say no.’’

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Qwabe-Coutaud is still on vacation and will return to South Africa in six days, according to Sithole, who stated that he had discussed the subject with the lawyer.

“I am still going to go back, but not to the same situation,’’ he said.


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